Wedding plans for Vera and Desmond kicked off
and guess who would be the chief bride's maid-
your guess is as good as mine. We went
shopping and bought all the things for the
wedding. Everything was expensive but Desmond
didn't budge, he gave us money so liberally I was
wondering if it were just the money from Shell he
was using for the wedding.
Then I learnt his community of friends were a
group of money reeling lads. One of his bosses
had promised to grant him a Class A wedding
ceremony, since colleagues from the company
were going to be present. That also meant he
had to spend without worries as he would
certainly make over ten folds of whatever he'd
I was by Vera's side all the time until the
wedding day. Meanwhile, Collins had been on my
neck to come visit him again. I told him I had to
be around for Vera's wedding. He had to wait
until after the wedding and I'd be all his. He
didn't like the idea but seemed to have no other
On the eve of the wedding, after we had retreated
to our hotel rooms- Vera had insisted we slept in
the same room and I liked the idea, since I'd have
the chance to find out from her why it didn't work
out with Collins. The very thing we'd never had
the chance to talk about again, one that had left
me in trepidation of the future.
I had barely left the shower when she came in.
Vera looked tired and needed a bath​ and rest. I
told her and she admitted and went straight to
the shower. I changed into my nightie and started
watching the TV. It was a reality show. I was
almost engrossed when my phone rang. It was
He was at the bachelor's Eve party and was
wondering why I wasn't there. I told him I wanted
to rest and prepare for the D-day.
"So do you mind me coming over to pick you up?"
He asked.
Dickson was just irresistible but I needed time to
talk to Vera. I didn't notice Vera step out of the
bathroom. She grunted to announce her presence.
I turned to look at her amidst my indecision and
she winked and nodded her head.
Conspiracy! I made a jeering face at her.
"Hello! I'm still here." Dickson's voice twittered
from the other end.
"Oh, okay. But I wouldn't want to stay out for
long." I replied and heard a muffled "yes" on the
other end.
In a few minutes he had arrived and was poking
his head round the door. I had dressed up and
went to join him. We went down and into his car
then drove off. We drove around town idly, buried
in a very deep conversation. When we got to
Chisel Park, he parked and asked for a walk. I
obliged, after all he was fun to be with.
He held my hand as we walked through the
brilliant park with fountains and flowers and lights
everywhere. Music crooned from the speakers
hidden at strategic parts of the park. Other
couples had either sat of strolled around the park.
We found a free casted seat and sat down.
"Do you like this place?" He asked.
"Sure," I searched around with a thin smile at the
corner of my lips. "It's so romantic I must
confess. I hate to be here."
"You do? I can't believe you just said that." He
shot me an incredulous stare. "Who doesn't like
"Maybe me." I chuckled. "Well, it would have been
perfect if I had come with my boyfriend."
He smiled and looked away briefly. "Yeah, Vera
told me you have a boyfriend. So where is he?"
"I don't wanna talk about him," I snapped.
"So what do you wanna talk about?"
"Just anything else, maybe you if you don't
"There's only a little about me that you don't
know. I think I've told you all." He folded his
"Hmmm? Sure? No girlfriend, fiancée, or even a
He smiled. "I'm just a young man who's in love
with a woman and doesn't know how best to tell
I laughed hard. "Who's this girl? Come on, just go
ahead and tell her. Look at you, she might just be
waiting for you to open up."
"You think so?" He asked and I nodded. "Well she
told me in the middle of a conversation she is in a
relationship and since then..."
"That's nothing. So long as she ain't married yet,
anything can happen. That's women for you, trust
"Fifi, I'm in love with you." I lost the rest of my
words as he cut in and continued. "I don't know
how you feel about this but it's the truth."
I was lost for words and began to pick my
fingers. He held my face and stared into my eyes.
"I... I'm sorry but it's not possible..." I refused to
look at him, "I told you I'm in a serious
"Are you now contradicting yourself?"
I was short for words again, "look Dickson, we're
not supposed to be here. Can you take me back
to the hotel now? Please..."
He quickly planted a kiss on my lips and shut me
up. I didn't react for a while and he didn't let go
either. As I raised my eyes and met his, I didn't
know what happened, but I shut my eyes again
and kissed him back........

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