The bride and chief were set before half past nine
o'clock. We waited patiently for the car to arrive
that would take us to church, just a fifteen
minute drive from the hotel. We hadn't spoken
much since the last conversation. I didn't know
what to feel towards Vera or what Vera was
feeling towards me. I didn't care so much either, I
was in the middle of nowhere and Vera was part
of the solution even though she had no idea.
Just as we were about to leave after the car had
arrived, I asked everyone else to excuse us for a
little friendly chat which they obliged. Vera gave
me that knowing stare, wondering what else I'd
come up with.
"Of course you know I didn't buy that sex maniac
lunatic thing. I really want to know and feel I
have the right to know. So are you now ready to
Vera shook her head in total disbelief. "Not again.
I refuse to be drawn into this again. We must
leave now."
"If you don't tell me right now I'd call Desmond
and tell him anything that comes to mind and I
swear I'll make it damn bloody." I warned sternly.
She retreated from the door and came close to
me, close enough I could feel her breath. She
wasn't​ derided at all as her breath was steady.
But then she spoke in a cold, still voice.
"So tell me girlfriend, why are you doing this?
What is it you have refused to tell me? You were
supposed to be my chief bride's maid, but here
you are playing the witch of Ooz. What exactly do
you want?"
"The truth." I replied coldly.
She nodded slowly and pulsed her lips. She then
opened her purse and took out her phone which
she forced into my hand and ordered. "Make the
damn call. I saved his I-D as D."
I was shocked by her action. With the phone still
in my hand, she turned towards the door and
slammed it hard behind her.
Frozen at that spot, I knew it was game over.
She'd never get to talk to me, ever.
The grand piano hummed from a distance as we
arrived the decorated premises of the Anglican
Church. Beautiful gowns and suits, foreign and
local, littered the whole place with everyone
feeling important. Desmond's SUV arrived
accompanied by some other SUVs that formed a
convoy, with both indicator lights of each vehicle
blinking. I felt like we were receiving the
president. I knew what I was expecting to see but
not how classy it would come. The oil men had
arrived with oil palms and wheels.
The bridal train was a crop of charming beauties,
most of which were regular campus girls hired for
the day and hoping to make a catch or two from
the oil guys. Their long baby pink gowns with
slight touches of reddish pink and white showels
to cover their shoulders until the reception time.
To say these ladies were beautiful was to say the
least about them. But then, I had my focus on the
gentlemen alighting from the convoy of SUVs.
"So you never told me Dickson was the Best Man,
how could you?" I leaned forward and whispered
into Vera's ear.
"I think something went wrong. He wasn't​
supposed to be. You saw Dan, he was supposed
to be the Best Man."
I swore under my breath and maintained a cordial
expression, somewhat deadpan. From then on,
the wedding was more of a torment, a day of
torture, just emotional dilemma. I felt so ashamed
of myself. I had enjoyed the kiss initially and even
dreamt about it but now, I hated​ Dickson for
trying to take the place of my Collins. He was far
cuter and better than all the oil boys put
together, I mean my Collins. That thought gave
me all the strength and energy required to scale
this stream full of hungry crocodiles in my own
We processed and I found myself sitting side by
side with my now arch enemy. He kept making
eye contact with me as he never ceased to turn
my way. In return, I'd look away to avoid his
incessant glances.
Immediately after the wedding we headed for the
reception. Thankfully, the wedding was intended
not to consume too much time. When it was time
to dance, I disappeared through the back as I
noticed Dickson was looking for me. How could I
have known I'd never escape him?
As soon as the reception was over, or rather my
part of the bargain, as I wasn't interested​ in the
post wedding party, I retreated to the hotel room
to pick up my belongings and leave. I was really
done with putting up with Vera's fortunes. I
wanted to be gone from her and far away as
much as I could.
I picked the things I owned and started to leave.
As soon as I stepped into the hallway that led to
the elevators, he grunted from behind me and
startled me.
"Sorry I didn't mean to startle you." He
apologised sincerely.
"Well, always find a better way to announce your
presence." I retorted.
"Maybe next time I'd bring along a praise singer...
All hail King Dickson."
"It's​ not funny," I rebuffed him sternly.
"Oh, okay. So why are you leaving so soon. I
thought you'd stay back for the party tonight.
You don't wanna miss it, do you?"
"I'm sorry, but I have a flight to catch." I started
leaving but he trailed behind me.
"But why in such a hurry. At least you can still
make the trip tomorrow morning. Today is
Saturday, and tomorrow is Sunday." I didn't reply
him and walked through the gaping elevator
doors. He joined me.
"Okay fine, I just wanted to apologise for last
night. I lost a very impulsive battle."
"How am I supposed​ to be concerned with what
you want?" I was deliberately being annoying.
"Okay fine, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I thought I
could use tonight to make up for it." He said with
both palms joined together like a kid praying in
the kindergarten.
I didn't utter a word until the elevator came to a
halt and the doors opened​ again to let us out.
"You know what?" I eventually said to him, "I'm
good and fine. At least you can see for yourself.
Good bye lover boy." I didn't look back again until
the cab I had chattered drove me off the hotel
On my way to the airport, a text message arrived
and Collins ID. I smiled to myself and opened to
"FIFA, sori, Fifi my Fifi. Ope ur on ur way alrdy?
Dnt wnt u 2 miss dt flight. Lots of surprises await
u, red red 9ts ."
I was smiling hard when I finished reading and
enjoyed the splattering rain against the window of
the cab. It had started raining. Looking out the
window, feeling the cold, hugging myself and
hoping it would all be over in another 2 hours
time maxi. I wouldn't want to miss red red night
for any boring wedding party.
Indeed, Collins had a huge surprise waiting for me
in Lagos.

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