Secret betrayal (Episode 17)

Episode 17

"Will you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, and for better for worse, till death do you part?" The priest asked him.

"Yes I do," Collins replied​ with a broad smile.

"Will you take this man," the priest turned to me and started reciting the creed. "To be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer and for better for worse, till death do you part?"

I stood meditating on Vera's text earlier. What if I said no and ran off from the church? What if I refused to marry Collins and flee to safety? Safety from what? What did I know Collins did wrong to Vera? Why was Vera so pathetic about my union with him? What could it be I was missing? My heartbeat switched rhythm and eventually lost rhythm.

"Fifi?" Collins's voice startled me. I had been engrossed in my meditation I didn't realise everyone was waiting for me. "The priest is waiting."

"Oh, okay." I turned to the priest and smiled sheepishly.

He frowned and growled under his breath but loud enough for me to hear, "the response is 'yes I do'."

"Oh, Yes I do. Sorry about that." I turned and smiled apologetically at Collins who didn't find it funny at all. He kept a wrinkled temple even through to the reception while I smiled and remained cheerful. I had resolved to put my fears behind me and enjoy my day. It was only meant to come once.

By dusk, it was all over and we were back in our hotel room. It was over and marriage had begun. The post wedding party, according to my husband was for a caucus. I was wondering what he meant by that but he explained I should wait and see what he meant.

"But I have friends who'd want to be part of it too?" I fussed

"Of course you do but how much is your own contribution to everything today? Tell me, what?

 Have you not heard that he who pays the piper dictates the tune? Don't even try bringing anyone or you'd end up embarrassing yourself."

 While he was speaking he'd been undoing his clothes. He started for the bathroom and paused at the door. "And by the way, what was that stunt you pulled there before the priest?"

"What is that?" I asked.

"Don't even play dumb with me. You know, the 'yes I do' part? Like you hesitated."

I forced a chuckle through. I see that's why you have been frowning all day. Hey, I was just overwhelmed. It happens to a lot of ladies, especially those who can't believe they are marrying their dream man." I angled my head and smiled.

"Oh really." He disappeared into the bathroom while I sighed and collapsed on the bed, tired.

We walked out to a loud roar from the ladies and gentlemen present. It was a casual cocktail and poolside party. The men had jeans and t-shirts while the ladies wore skimpy dresses. Why did I call them dresses? Some had bikinis, what I call just pants and bra. Every man had a girl or two by his side and some even had three, I could finger about three of them like that. I was the holiest in a pair of bum shorts and a tang top. Altogether, there were about thirty people.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen, with me here is the man of the day with his Cinderella," a guy who had introduced himself to me as Bright at the wedding announced. "So we're gonna be making a toast to their arrival so the party begins in a earnest."

His words were met with another loud roar of praises and hailings. Collins smiled and waved them while I followed suit.

After the toast, he said a few words of appreciation for honouring him on his wedding and presented me to them as "Our Wife". I shot him an inquisitive stare but he never bothered to look at me. The ladies kept smiling and staring at me with an aura of acknowledgement. Somehow they kept me uncomfortable.

Music came on and the dance floor opened. Some people plunged into the pool and floated with the help of the rubbers on the water. A lot of people began approaching me and kept saying "welcome to the family."

What family were they talking about? I was wondering when a still small voice from the back of my mind whispered to me, "don't you think you're playing Vera's tape in your head? Do you like to keep this veil over your face? Can't you see? These people are beautiful and love you so much, they are family. Just tell yourself, welcome home and put Vera to shame."

The word Vera injected vigour from nowhere into me. I felt doused with courage and regretted being deluded by Vera's text. From then onwards, it was grin upon grin, hug upon hug and pecks upon pecks from the gentlemen and ladies. I felt unleashed and ready to mingle.

I was basking in this new trend when the unthinkable happened. I felt a hand from behind grab my ass like one would grab a whore. I was wondering what was wrong with Collins, he wouldn't do such thing in public. I wrestled free and turned to meet a huge dark bearded guy with a gawky smile that instead of brightening his face wrecked it more.

"Come on bitch, I love that ass. We're gonna rock that ass tonight, what'you think?" He said with a foreign accent.

Glaring at him with absolute disgust, I retorted.

 "Well I think you're very disgusting with a face like a wrecked baboon. I can't help but blame your father who was too poor to buy a condom when fucking the whore that was your mother."
Well, I thought he looked scary when he smiled, but my words made him look beastly and quite horrific. I could liken him to Shrek.

"What the fuck did you say?" He snarled and looked scarier as he bared his irregular canine.

His enigmatic figure sent shivers down my spine and stood my hairs straight. What had I done?

"Buggy chill, what happened?" I heard Collins's voice approach from behind me and that gave me some relief.

"This bitch need to be taught some lesson about using her cavity. Or I'm gonna slice her up and serve my dogs on a plate for dessert."

"What's going on?" Another man asked and soon we were forming a small crowd.

I explained what happened to Collins who shook his head to my shock and said, "well you have to be careful how you talk around here."

"Is that what you have to say? Some one grabbed your wife's ass hours after you married her and this is what you have to say Collins?"

I watched as they all made faces towards me and began telling Collins his wife was rude. I was bewildered and wondered what a joke they were, all of them, including my pathetic husband.

"Just take me out of here now please." I bellowed.

Collins grabbed me by the hand, just under the shoulder and headed for my room. As soon as we were inside, he slammed the door behind us and sat me down.

"Now listen, you overreacted..."

"How would you say that? He came from behind and grabbed my ass like I was his pro and I couldn't take that. You should warning him off.

 For crying out loud this is our post wedding party of all things and I should be the queen here, hello! What is all this? I served that big for nothing fool what he deserved and gimme the chance over and over again I'll only use it better in getting the better of him...Shameless bastard."
Collins stayed calm until I was done and grunted. He turned around and placed both hands on his side, then paced about in the room.

"Okay fine, just stay in here and forget the party."

"I was never going to step out anyway...Like you knew my mind." "Alright, I'd go and attend to my guests." He said and started leaving.

"Well that's what happens when you refused to accept my own guests. Rubbish and condiments." I swore under my breath as he said nothing and shut the door behind him.

Enraged, I slammed clenched fists into the bed as the music from the party downstairs blared on. I approached the window to take a view of the beast one more time. The entire space and rooms linked to it had been booked by my husband, meaning only them had access, both viewing and entry access to the venue. I saw Collins go to speak to Shrek and they exchanged brawls before the other guys intervened and calmed them. They hugged afterwards with the other guys trying to appease them.

What were they up to? Why didn't everyone and even Collins refute what he did? They all seemed to be comfortable with it and Collins thought I overreacted? I retreated to my bed very angry but helpless.

I was brooding until I slept off. I woke up much later and the music was still blaring. I heaved myself from the bed to go ease myself in the toilet as I was feeling pressed. I still felt sleepy  but decided to peer through the window once again to see how far they had gone. In one swift flash, sleep fled from my bleary eyes.

My post wedding party had been turned into a sex party. Everyone was naked and having sex. While some men had two ladies other had one, which they kept alternating. I couldn't believe my eyes. Not all the people were within my view as I searched for my husband. What sort of sodomy was that? At one spot were two ladies doing themselves, in fact, the whole scene was just the perfect picture of a gang banging or group sex pornography.

Scared, I withdrew from the window alarmed. I put my hands over my mouth so not to scream. I darted towards the door to fetch my husband. He'd better not be riding another pussy! 😡😡😡

To be continued

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