Mourinho displeased with England boss for playing Jones

Man united boss, Jose Mourinho is displeased with England manager Gareth Southgate and his medical staff for playing Manchester United defender Phil Jones in a recent friendly after he received six pain killing injections making him last for 25minutes at England clash with Germany.

"I have been a manager since 2000 and in 17 years I don't have one single player that had injections of anaesthetic to play a friendly. Never. Never," he told a press conference.

"I am not an angel and I had players be injected to play official matches, crucial matches but a friendly -- to get six local anaesthetic injections to play a friendly, I've never heard of that.

"But Phil Jones had it and had it before the match and after 25 minutes he was out and he won't feature against Newcastle."

Jones' absence against Newcastle today would be undesirable by Man united supporters as the England international has been one of the key figures holding Manchester united defence since the start of the season.

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