President Buhari honored with cheiftaincy title on his visit to south-east region of Nigeria .

 Scenario 1: On Tuesday, April 15, 2014, former President Goodluck Jonathan visited Kano state to campaign for his re-election, the former governor of the state, Rabiu Kwankwaso, led his state officials to sweep off the former president’s footprints. Analysing the action, Kabiru Mohammed, an Hausa expert said that in Hausa culture, wherever a broom is used to sweep off the departure of a guest, it is the highest expression of disdain for the visitor.

Scenario 2: On Tuesday, November 14, 2017, President Buhari visited Ebonyi state and was conferred with the title of Ochi Oha Ndigbo (leader of all) of Igboland by the south-east traditional rulers, emphasis on south east traditional rulers- the closest leaders to the people.

Analysis: Looking at both contrasting scenarios, my question now is, why is it that most of our south east leaders are always insulated from the feelings, worries and aspirations of their people? Why are they are always cowardly, docile and fearful whenever Aso Rock politics is involved? This was why none of them spoke up when the FG backed military was killing IPOB protesters. Same way they reacted when Fulani herdsmen murdered innocent people in Nimbo. They could not take any drastic action to forestall a repetition. However, they were quick to ban IPOB when the crises between IPOB members and the military climaxed while being slow in making demands of the FG on the way forward for south easterners in this administration. Now the president is visiting a region where there are legitimate grievances against him and the said leaders joyfully rolled out drums to celebrate him even to the point of decorating him with a chieftaincy title without regard to the feelings of the same people that they represent. I just can't comprehend this.

Visiting President Buhari Who is currently in Ebonyi State  has been given the title:
“Enyioma 1 of Ebonyi and Ochioha Ndi Igbo 1” by Ebonyi State traditional rulers

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that south east leaders should shun Buhari or fail to receive him with respect and due regard, but the pomp and pageantry that greeted his coming is not in tandem with the general feelings of south easterners towards this administration. It is a manifest proof that there is a worrisome disconnect between south east leaders and their own people.

It is instructive for me to also point out that the President’s visit is a step in the right direction. It shows that the President has an intention to warm up to the people of south east and I commend him for adopting such a positive approach that sharply contrasts with his earlier display of aloofness and malice. I also commend him for showing that he is in control of the nation and that the state cannot be held hostage by non-state actors like IPOB. Most importantly, I want him to look beyond the sycophancy of those politicians parading themselves around him and consider the real issues and legitimate yearnings of the people of south east- his citizens, and find genuine ways to resolve them. Indeed, the President cannot pacify or please everyone in south east because some people are permanently displeased with him, but once he satisfies his conscience that he has done all that he could by giving everyone his dues, then he has no date with karma.
I wish him a successful visit and journey mercies back to his abode

Credit: Chidimma

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