Facebook reminded me of a post I wrote this day last year, and it goes thus...

"Gomer was a prostitute, and a prostitute is a 'legal' unfaithful lover. So, Gomer was a direct symbolism of an unfaithful generation, who deserves to be hated.

But Hosea loved her nevertheless, loved an undeserving generation, unfaithfulness and all. How? God made it possible.

A wonderful demonstration of who we were when Christ proved His love for us.

Bottomline is, With Christ in me, I can love a Gomer.

Yes, it still remains valid. What's so special in loving those that love you? Anybody can do that, even a baby does that. The true test of your love is if you can love those who DON'T love you equally, as though they loved you. I know, it's not easy, it's not fun, and it's stressful. Well, in case you haven't known, love is hard work. It is not an unconscious feeling. Even erotic love is not all fun and easy, it is hard work, not to talk of Agape love.

My dear, love everybody. Love them, right, left and center. It's a step at a time, at some point, it flows very easily. Love rightly, Love well. Love them irrespective of their religion or lack of one, irrespective of their level of understanding, irrespective of their sexual identity, irrespective of their academic prowess, irrespective of their loving abilities, irrespective of your differences. Love everyone irrespective.

Now, don't get me wrong. Love tolerates, but is not stupid. Even Jesus, Oga on love things for me, pinpointed wrong things and reprimanded the wrong doers, but in love. Don't die in nonsensical silence or disgusting situations in the name of love. Reprimand, Correct, Speak against, or even Leave wrong doers, but in love. Love is the keyword, don't forget.

I'm also learning anyway, I'm far from being the Oga on love things, but I'm learning, well and fast. If you knew me before and you know me now, you'll know I've learnt a lot. So, learn too. You're not too far behind to stay behind.

Who are you trying hard to love? Try harder. Don't be deceived, it doesn't come as freely as you think. Loving is a CONSCIOUS process. It comes with a LOT of forgiveness and overlooking.

So, today, let's decide to love. It starts with your neighbour.

PS. I just love that picture in the post. Those couple are something else. May me and my husband remain this much in love after our teeth are long gone, if I get married.

    By: Akindele Oyinlola Dorcas ( MilohwithanH)

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