Must read: Let's talk about voting and Permanent Voters Card.

People say, "Bad leaders are elected by good people who don't vote". That clause is usually funny to me and I'm sure it cannot be funny to only me. This is not to accredit "not voting", your vote is the only voice you have in the Nigerian democracy, putting rigging aside now. However, sometimes, bad leaders are elected by good people who voted.

Ask yourself. The last time we voted, who did we get? Buhari. Lots of people had high hopes for him, some other people were just fed up of Jonathan, either ways, we voted for Buhari and we are here. Mass voting will not solve the problems of Nigeria, it's orientation that we first need. Is it even orientation? I don't even know. Participation in politics goes far beyond voting.

A citizen that doesn't know anything about the prospective candidates, that doesn't even have anything to say about their candidate apart from "he's from my hometown", that would say, "he's a Great Ife Alumni" or "he's a youth" is one of the culprits too. The fact that someone is from your hometown doesn't guarantee anything, even you that you're from your hometown, what do you guarantee? The fact that a candidate is a youth doesn't mean that they have sense, in fact, many youths in school politics these days don't have sense. Bad OLD leaders are still fair compared to a bad YOUNG leader, those ones will have perfect strategies for embezzlement and mismanagement.

Yes, everyone should vote. But voting is an end, there's a means to it. Know your candidates, know their past and present history, check their successes, their proposed deeds, their words, check everything. Watch debates, be sure and not biased. That is not a guarantee that they'll still be good, but in the end, you'll know you tried.

Get your PVC, it's a difficult process, everything currently is difficult in this country, but still try to gerrit. I've not gotten mine either, but I'll try to gerrit. But then, don't try to make it seem as though people that are not voting are the problem of Nigeria. No, the problem of Nigeria are the ones voting for the wrong reasons. Amen?

To a better 2019, we say, cheers!

As written by Akindele Oyinlola Dorcas (MilohwithanH)


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