Why lie?

Today, on my way out, I decided to get Nutri milk. I'm a big fan of Nutri milk, I love the yoghurt and milky feel. It could have been Hollandia milk, but that's like triple the price of Nutri milk. Anyway, since I wasn't gonna be able to take the Nutri milk immediately, I decided to buy one that is very iced- Lagos and Sango people can relate to those kind of iced drinks being hawked.

So, I approached this woman, or maybe she approached me, and told her what I wanted in Yoruba language. I asked "Is your Nutri Milk iced?" I could see other iced drinks in her "selling bowl", but I had to confirm. All I expected was a "Yes" or "No", or at most, "it's not iced, but it's quite chilled". However, mama had to lie in the order of the JAMB woman. One very ridiculous funny big lie like that. She said, "Aunty, Nutri Milk NEVER gets iced o. In fact, if you put it in the freezer, it'll remain the way it is. You can only see chilled Nutri Milk, not iced one".

When she said that, I was dumbfounded. I didn't know what to say. I started remembering all the times I had drank iced Nutri Milk in my life, I started imagining whether I was blind and couldn't recognise Nutri Milk again, I just didn't get it. The lie was so ridiculous and annoying, it made her look stupid to me. However, I didn't talk, I just smiled and said, "Don't worry ma". She tried to persuade me to get something else on her cart, but the lie already served as a great turnoff from her.

I get it, she was probably trying to make her sales and market her product, but why lie so much? That ridiculous kind of lie? I'm sure she didn't know I could fathom it was a lie and from my reply, she didn't even know I realised it was a lie either. She said it with so much grace, that I had to let it go.

That sounded ridiculous right? That is exactly how you sound when you lie, and you might not know it. Why lie to anyone to get them on your own side or to introduce something to them or for whatever reason that you're doing it? Have you ever, for once, considered that the person you're lying to might know that it's a lie, and just decide to keep calm? Wait. Do you know how you feel inside when you know that someone is lying to you, and you're just smiling at them? You just allow the person to keep on embarrassing and ridiculing themselves while you're thinking "Hmph, wehdone Sir/Ma".

Now, it is very possible that the person you're lying to knows the truth, and is just looking at you like this😏😏😏, "continue", and you don't know, you're just busy polishing the lie and embarrassing your ancestors in the process. My brother, I'm not a saint either, I've lied a lot of times, in fact, I've lied a lot of lies, but it's never too late to get back on the truth lane.

Please, in this 2018, let us stop lying. It's not for my good, it's for your own good. Stop making yourself appear ridiculous and annoying, and in the end, you'd have forfeited the purpose why you lied in the first place. Are we together in this?

Cheers to a year of truthfulness!!

PS. The woman in the picture is not the one I was talking about, please.

Photo credits: Me. Taken at Sango.

By: Akindele Oyinlola Dorcas

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