Flash Fiction
Theme: Narrate the story in the picture
Word count: 200 Words


The sound of the broken cup startled them. They all turned towards Kulzora who quickly bent to pick up its pieces. Kulzora was shocked, knowing that a fate worse than doing their chores naked was soon to befall this young co-slave, a fate that had befallen her already.

She had just heard their mistress order Ramontha to go serve their master, in the room. In his room! The same errand she ran a month ago, and had returned defiled, defiled by their masters white skin and black soul. As she looked at Ramontha's face, she could see fear, the fear of not serving the master well. "Poor girl", Kulzora thought, "she should instead, be filled with the fear of serving the master too well".

Still bent on the floor, Kulzora tried to warn her, to shield the 16year old Tanzanian slave from the looming evil, but her mouth dared not open as Miss Suzie always warned, "Never speak, unless inquired".

Ramontha, however, proceeded towards the master's room, a tray in her hands...

I close the novel, put off the lamp and lay on my bed. "I cannot handle this tragedy tonight. I'll continue reading tomorrow", I say to myself.

By:- Akindele Oyinlola Dorcas (MilohwithanH)


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