Dear Wife, by Akindele Oyinlola Dorcas

You are beautiful, so beautiful that I wonder, with what material you're made. The way you take care of that beauty is wondrous, how you take time to choose your clothes, combine colours so perfectly.

Your neatness is all to me, your white clothes are ever white as your teeth, even the soles of your shoes and the inners of your wears are ever glittering.

Oh, the way I meet the sitting room, perfectly arranged, the bed, ever laid, the clothes, always folded, the toilet, niclely scented and the pots, never black.

Do I even need to talk about the way you treat others? Your hospitality is evident to all, your care for family, your peace with neighbors, you wouldn't even open your mouth to reply any word of reproach.

And your cooking skills? Your cooking skills can make a brother go gaga. One just wouldn't be able to eat elsewhere, having tasted your food once, just once.

Most importantly, your intelligence is the most attractive thing about you. Knowing when to talk, when to keep shut, when she's being talked to and when she's just being talked about. That, to me, is an awesome attribute.

You see, words cannot say the awesome and unpredictable qualities you have. A puzzle here, a mystery there, all together make a beautiful masterpiece.

I say all this to enable the betterment of your health. However, all this, you can be, I mean, all I've said are what you have the ability to become if only you'd shift your gaze from my weaknesses.

It's a well known fact that I never kept late nights, I never ate out, I never got drunk and unconscious, I never even cheated on you, until all these became my weaknesses, and as you know, we cannot, sometimes, all of the time for me, control our weaknesses.

I'm sorry I beat you up yesterday, we both know I seldom do that, it's just that this time, you found out my weaknesses and couldn't just associate with it. You know how sorry I can be after every beating, this time I'm much more sorry.

My lovely wife, the economic recession has made it impossible for me to foot your hospital bills, and your mum also made it impossible for me to visit you. Your mum has mostly, been an annoying stumbling block but I won't talk about it, I respect my mother-in-law. I'm just a gentleman.

Today, I am quite sober, missing my wife, alone with four gullible annoying girls who can't even properly clean up their father's vomit from last night. Oh, I miss you and I've decided to never beat you up to the state of being hospitalised anymore. Too much of everything, I've learnt now, is bad.

You know I love you baby, I love you and our fifth child in your womb, I still love you even when scan said it's a girl, again, and I will still love you when I marry someone that can birth me male children. I've tried with you, it's not working and I won't wanna stress you any further. Oh, how I love you.

Now that you've seen how much I love you, kindly get better soon, and remain a humble woman who respects her husband's weaknesses, and maybe emulate the attributes I made up for you, especially the part that that talked about knowing when and when not to talk. A little quiet will do us both some good, my love.

A puzzle here, a mystery there, a tear here, a smile there, all comes together to form a beautiful masterpiece. See how beautiful how marriage is.

Your Loving Husband
Mr Ajayii

P.S. Mr David, your coworker, came looking for you. I hope you're not planning to share any of my property with him. Let's be careful darling, from experience, you know what happens when I'm angry.

By :- Akindele Oyinlola Dorcas (MilohwithanH)

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