As you go out for your daily hustle today I want to bring to your attention that Mr. Tony Ezimakor, Editor with Daily Independent Newspaper was arrested by DSS  for writing a story that revealed how the Nigerian government paid money to Boko haram terrorists to release Chibok girls & the conspiracy within.

Mr Tony's offence is that he told the world  detailing how the Buhari administration paid millions of dollars as ransom to Boko Haram for the release of some Chibok girls.

Mr. Ezimakor’s story also uncovered how ransom payments have become a lucrative source of extra income for Nigerian and Swiss intelligence officers who participated in the negotiations for Boko Haram hostages.

Two days after the latest mass kidnap of schoolgirls in Dapchi, Yobe State, Daily Independent ran a behind-the-scenes story about the release of the 82 Chibok girls which was written by Mr. Ezimakor, its bureau chief in Abuja.

The frontpage story cited intelligence sources as saying that negotiations with Boko Haram for the release of hostages had become a “cash cow for some officials, working in concert with negotiators to squeeze scarce dollars from the government.”

But now the journalist is being locked up for his revelations and might not be released unless he unmasked his sources, Don Okere, editor of Daily Independent, told PREMIUM TIMES Sunday.

Apparently your government paid  between two €2-3 million to secure the  release of the famous Chibok girls from the captivity of Boko haram,  they did not want Nigerians to know till Tony blew the lid.

Boko haram and Chibok girls release have  been turned to a big lucrative business for some people in Buhari's government hence they went to arrest Tony for publishing their secret.

Mr. Ezimakor’s family are worried about his health. He is said to be treating hypertension and ulcer and has been denied access to his doctor.

It is well with Nigeria.

Have a great week every one!

Source: Akeju Oluwanishola

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