Episode 1: Tumbler

I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock which I had placed on the shelf beside my bed the previous night. I felt weak and lazy that morning, probably because I had too much drink last night. "Oh Jesus!" I exclaimed when I remembered the purpose for the alarm. I set the alarm to wake me up by 6am and on a snooze of 15mins interval. The alarm has been ringing since 6am but I finally became conscious of it when it was almost 8am. I was a pretty bad drunkard.

I jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom to have a quick refresh. I summoned one of the maid and instructed her to pack my meal since I wouldn't have time to eat at home. I was late for work already, even though I was the boss. After the bath, I opened the wardrobe and took the clothes I've already prepared and which I had planned to wear on my first day at work. It was my first day really. I applied the necessary cosmetics and wore the appropriate jewelries (just earrings and necklace) and wristwatch after I had worn the clothes ( not a fansy suit though).
"Clara, has everything been put in place?" I asked one of the maid.
"Perfectly set madam," she replied.
"Alright darling, make sure you and others do the necessary before I returned. The day might be hectic." I told Clara as I entered the car.
"Goodbye madam and have a nice day at work." She replied as she waved and I drove off after Godwin the gate keeper had opened the gate.

When I got to work I was flabbergasted at what I saw. The security staff that manned the gate, upon siting the car I drove (it was my late father's favourite car) raised an alarm to inform other staffs that I had arrived. It was a funny morning. Strange things happened really.
When I got to the gate, I drove in since it was already opened. I met the top managers already waiting for me by the entrance. One of the security staff opened my door and greeted me with his head bowed. I returned the greeting with a smile and told him the bowing of head isn't necessary. As I walked to the entrance another staff ran towards me to take my bag which I declined. I couldn't help but question the staffs waiting for me by the entrance what was happening. They replied by telling me, "it was the norm." I then said, "then the norm has to be changed." The top managers welcomed me and introduced themselves. They  ushered me in and when I entered I met other staffs standing still while welcoming me with the same compliment, "welcome madam." I turned around to look at the staffs that ushered me in and told them again, "things are not right here. Call a general meeting."  "What a funny norm these people are not" slaves, I thought within me

WRITTEN BY: Yinusa Azeez Olasunkanmi
Mail: peterazeez2014@gmail.com

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