Episode 10: tumbler

I informed the gateman that some brethren from my church would come to ask of me and he should usher them to the living room.  I also changed my dress to something neater and decent. Carolina was not with me then, she had a date with her boss that afternoon. Mother as well has gone to clear some goods that was coming in that day,  so I was left alone with the servants in the house that day.

Not long after I heard the door to living room being opened. The security man told my maid to inform me that the visitors were around.  When my maid got to my room, I told her I heard everything already and I'd attend to them immediately. I stepped out of bed and walked sickly to the living room where I met Mr. Johnson and two other brethren, a sister and the brother that led the prayers at the faith clinic.
"Welcome  brethren, thanks for the visit," I said while I sat on the cushion opposite theirs.
"You are welcome sister,  thanks for welcoming us into your house as well, " Joshua replied.
The maid that has been assigned the duty of entertaining visitors  brought some bottle of water and drinks as expected.
"So, how are you feeling now sister Maurice?" the other brother asked.
"Better than yesterday," I replied.
"Even much better now  that I have you guys here, " I added.
"We are glad to hear that sister Maurice. We pray the that God takes all the glory in every situation, " said Joshua.
"And we hope you will be at the youth program coming up next month?" the sister that came with them asked.
"of course I will...  I must be there...  If you need help financially, please be free to let me know...  I will also help with the little I have, " I said.
"We'll appreciate that sister Maurice, " the chorused.
"Shall we pray?" Joshua asked as we all bowed our heads.
After the prayer they rose up to take their leave but I insisted that they take their drinks with them, which they did. I gave them my business card and saw them off. I was blessed with their visit.

At the gate, Joshua remebered he left his jotter on the cushion. I told him I'd ask one of the maids to get it for him but he insisted on going back to take it himself. I followed while others waited at the gate. When we got to the living room, Joshua found the jotter on the cushion but I thought I found it first.  We both bent to pick it and our hands crossed each other.  I could feel a shock within me when our skin touched each other. He looked at me in the eyes and mine met his. I wished he could kiss me but then he waved the thought by looking away and standing aright. I felt so stupid and I put on a weary smile.
"Alright brother Joshua," I said weakly.
"Take care of yourself sister Maurice," he said as he left.

I told myself,  "love is cruel."


WRITTEN BY: Yinusa Azeez Olasunkanmi

Mail: peterazeez2014@gmail.com

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