Episode 11:tumbler

I could not help but stare at Joshua's physique as he walked back to meet the others at the gate. Thinking of Joshua is like walking through an imaginary beautifully prepared love garden., filled with red roses and purple hibiscus. Talking to Joshua and watching him smile while revealing those cute dimples is like a dream coming true. He is the sexiest man I have ever seen. Apart from him being an husband material, apart from him being spiritually filled, he is also the greatest temptation a lady can not over come.

I took some nasty steps to knowing about the mysterious man but all I could get was his name which I already knew. So I decided to have a tete-a-tete with him and I began to make plans for that. Pinging is the only renowned social media for fast chats then, but I knew Joshua could not afford a blackberry phone.  The following week I got him a slightly expensive one and also paid for three months BIS. I gave him the phone as a gift and also helped him generate his BBpin and I shared mine with him. He accepted the gift and blessed me. We became close buddies after then as we share a lot of information about our lives,  we also share the world of God.

I could gather as much information as I can through some personal life testimonies he shared with me. I got to know that he lost his father when he was 12years and has also been the one taking care of his dieing mother from then. He would have to work after school to cater for himself, his education and his sick mother who was dieing of cancer. Such a poor soul! He struggled to finish his secondary education and could only obtain NCE before he backed out. He was as at then walking as a secondary school teacher where he earn the little he is using to make a living and also take care of his mother.

Joshua, with what I saw, was a devoted Christian. The dream of every believing sister. When I asked him about his romantic life,  he weaved that aside by saying that part was not meant for him. To my surprise, he said he would love to remain like Apostle Paul who spent his entire life preaching the gospel and neither got married nor had a child. That sentence struck my heart,  I so wanted nobody else but Joshua as a husband. I love him, not only because of his spirituality and his sexy physique, I felt a connection between us and I knew we had a chemistry. I so much love the guy.

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