Episode 12: tumbler

The friendship bond between Joshua and I kept getting stronger as we conversed everyday. All those while,  Carolina and mother haven't met him. Joshua and I never hung out even after a year and half of friendship, so,  I decided to break that record. I asked him if he would be free on Friday and around 6pm in the evening for us to hang out and have a discourse different from the pinging we have been doing for a year past. He agreed to that as well. "That must be my lucky card," I thought.

I called Joshua around 5:30pm that Friday to ask him where I would pick me and he gave me an address to a bus stop. I did not even know where he lives. I drove to the venue and I met him there as he has said, a man of his word. We talked and laughed in the car and I sensed some naughtiness in his comments. I could not believe at first but I ignored that thinking it meant nothing. When we got to the park, I wanted to alight first but he stopped me. He opened the door and ran to my side to open mine for me, such a romantic fellow.
"Thank you Mr. Joshua," I said jokingly.
"I am honoured, your highness," he teased back.

We walked around the park while I was patiently listening to his words.  He kept repeating the fact that marriage was not meant for him. He wanted to be a great man of God and marriage would shatter that dream. He also said he wasn't romantic enough to let a lady fall for him even in poor state.
"Joshua, can I suggest something?" I asked.
"Yes, you can my lady," he replied innocently.
"What if you get a better paying job, would you change your mind about marriage?" I said curiously. I could not accept the fact that such a perfect guy would decide not to marry.  Such a man was every lady's dream.
He smiled as he turned to look at me and asked, "what answer do you want me to give my lady?"
"Gosh! This guy is too smart,  he got me," I said to myself.
"Joshua, I could not just accept the fact that such a good man like you would not do God the favour of making one of His daughter happy all the rest of her life," I replied.
"But why did you view it that way my lady. Marriage is like a prison which once you become a prisoner, you can never be freed from it. Moreover, godly daughters are rare these days, those that exists have been taken and I could not afford to be with ungodly person. There is no relationship between light and darkness," He said calmly.
"How could he say something like that to my face? Am I not godly?" I asked myself.

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