Episode 13:Tumbler

I think love pierces through the heart faster than a two-edged sword. I wished to be the prisoner in Joshua's prison and I was so determined to achieving that.

"Joshua, it is wrong to say such words against women. Though the shaft has overwhelmed the weat, there will always be some God fearing out there," I replied his wrong accusation.
"I will see to the job issue, I think that is a good way to start," I added.
We talked for a while and then headed for the car. I dropped Johnson at that same bus stop as he had requested and I drove home afterwards.

The following day at work, I summoned a board meeting and told them that we would havr to establish another branch of the company. I also gave them reasons such as getting another source of generating revenue, thereby, increasing the profts earned by the firm. I also told them the new branch would also create employment opportunities for the unemployed citizens. There would be no extravagant cost to be incurred in opening the branch, I reminded them of the land and building property owned by the company which has not been in use for years and that would serve us better instead of being there without generating any income.  The suggestion looked good and they also buy the idea. So we opened the branch after a month and I made Joshua the sales manager  after I had told him to submit his application letter as well as his curriculum vitae(CV) beforehand, which he did. 

Things were going as planned as Joshua and I began to share not only bible verses but also romantic words. Joshua was also doing well at work and there was never a day that a complaint was lodged against him.  I felt so blessed to have him by my side. "if only I could marry such a man,  the company would grow faster," so I wished.

Mother learnt about the new branch and my intentions for opening it, she was pleased and also encouraged me to keep it up. Though, mother was pleased with my performance at work,  she was not pleased with my relationship life. She kept telling me to bring the lucky man and if it is that I could not find one, she would get one for me. I always turn her offer down by telling her the lucky one would come soonest. I was actually referring to Joshua.

When I finally took Joshua home to introduce to mother, she was happy that I brought someone home after several counsels. I told mother Joshua and I were just friends but I loved him and he was the man I wanted to be with. Mother went against the marriage thought when I told her Joshua was not born with a silver spoon. Mother said such men were gold diggers and she would  not let such human insult the family. Mother said I should look for someone else or she got one for me.
"How could you be so mean, mother? Is he not a man as well?" I retorted.
"He is a man Maurice, but not a man fit to be a Tumbler. He can never be," mother shouted back at me.
I said nothing more but walked out of the house that night.  I could not go to Carolina's house because she was already married to be boss and they were both happy, instead I lodged in a hotel.  I could not understand how mother could be so mean at Joshua, the fact the he was God fearing was enough to believe that he wasn't a gold digger.

I wept all through the night...  But who knows, mother might be right.

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