Episode 15 : tumbler

The party started immediately Desiri arrived at home. Mother and Uncle's family had gone to pick her at the airport. I told them I would join them immediately I left work that day. The party held at my father's house so I went with Joshua. Desiri screamed when she saw me. She ran towards me and jumped on me.
"Hey! Baby girl,  what's up? You are looking awesome, I guess the sun over there was friendly." I teased her.
"Oh! Gosh, Big sister I have missed you so much. How have you been? You are looking more beautiful, I guess the sun here is friendly as well," she replied jokingly and we both smiled.
"Naughty girl, you haven't changed yet," I said as I turned to summon Joshua who was standing by the entrance. I had left him there when I ran to meet Desiri as well.
"Hey Joshua, come over, I want to introduce you to my cousin," I said as I waved at him. Joshua acted unusual, his smile that night when he saw Desiri was brighter than it has ever been, but I discarded the thought. "Joshua was 30years according to what he told me and he could not stoop so low to falling for someone like Desiri," I thought.
"Joshua, meet Desiri my baby and Desiri meet Joshua my right hand man," I said as the duo exchanged pleasantries.
"By right hand man you meant he is you...? Desiri could not finish her statement she  Joshua cut in
"Not that my lady. Madam Maurice meant her employee. nice meeting you," He replied with the same bright smile.

I quickly separated those two and I told Desiri to take me to her room and show me what she got for me.
"Big sis. That guy is so cute,  is he single?" Desiri asked.
"Desiri do not let us talk about him,  he is my employee as he has said and you know, my dream man," I replied.
"oh! I see. So why haven't you guys, you know, " she teased.
"it is quite complicated dear, you would soon understand," I said and make sign that we should brush the discussion aside. Desiri brought my a golden necklace beautified with crystals. I appreciated the present and also gave her something I have prepared for her. She appreciated it as well. We went back to the living room to join the others.  Mother summoned me to meet some top officials because they were all invited. I could not hang around Joshua and Desiri because I was busy discussing business with the great men.

When the men left I looked around to find Joshua or Desiri but they were not in the living room. I asked one of the maids and she told me they were at the verandah. When I got there I saw them talking and laughing. I had a bad feeling about that but the age difference made me discard the thought. I walked up to them and asked if they were enjoying themselves. Together we both went into the house.

After the party, I saw Joshua back to his car (he had earned enough to get himself one). I bade him goodbye and he responded with,  "my regards to Desiri."

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