Episode 16:Tumbler

The fear of losing Joshua engulfed me.  As much as I tried not to think of what I saw at the party, I still could not help it.  I could not wait for Joshua to ask me out I decided I would do that myself and as soon as possible.

I called Joshua's office line but the secretary picked the call. I asked after Joshua and I was told he went out not quite long. I wanted to ask where he went but I  knew that would be suspicious, so I let it slide. My phone rang later in the day and fortunately it was Joshua. He told me he got the message from the secretary and that was why he had called back.
"Yes, I called just to know how you were doing and also to ask if you would be free tonight," I responded.
"I will be free, is anything wrong?" he asked.
"No, not that, I have something to tell you,"  I answered.
"Alright then,  I'll see you at our usual spot by 6pm," he replied and ended the call.

I got to the venue around 5:50pm but Joshua did  not show up until 6:55pm which means I practically waited for more than an hour.  It was unusual of him, so I thought something must have delayed him. "at least he showed up," I said to myself.
"I guess something delayed you right?" I enquired.
"Not that Mau, I lost track of time and almost forgot that I was to meet you," so what's up.
"He almost forgot? Also lost track of time? That does  not sound like Joshua and more he did not even apologise.  Have I done something to upset him?" I said to myself and sighed.
"Joshua, I called you here to tell you something I have wanted to tell you," I said as I looked straight at his face to see every expression.
"Don't you think it is high time we get married? We are both growing older each year and I love you," I concluded.
"So,  you think marriage is the best answer now?" he said with a weary smile. I uttered no statement. I just stood there and watch his expressions.
"Maurice, you are such a beautiful woman and irresistible for every reasonable man. I would love to marry you but I am not ready for marriage yet, even, we are not of the same class. I am trying to meet up with the Joneses but you already have everything you want. I am not the best for you because I do not want to be committed yet," he said and turned around.
"Joshua,  please, I love you so much. I can not afford losing you to someone else. Kindly change your mind towards marriage and I'll give you everything, I mean everything I have," I begged him as I knelt at his feet.
"Maurice, how about we talk about this tomorrow? I need to ponder on it. I will text you the time and venue," he said as he lifted me up and took his leave.

I walked up with a neutral feelings. I was neither sad nor happy. "tomorrow will determine," I said to myself.


WRITTEN BY: Yinusa Azeez Olasunkanmi

Mail: peterazeez2014@gmail.com

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