I managed to scrutinize the files already submitted on my table and also signed those that required my signature. Though it was as if I went through hell but  I felt achieved for the day. In order to relieve myself of the stress, I put a call through to Carolina telling her I'd be at our normal evening meeting point, where we do spend our leisure time, by 6pm. She arrived shortly after I got there and we talked about how our day went. Carolina was fun to be with.

Carolina was not the business type. She studied accounting and she was gainfully employed as an accountant in a reputable accounting firm. She has no romantic story to tell as well. We were both the academic type. We were so hell bent on achieving our goals before looking into other aspects of life and we were able to accomplished that.

"Sweetheart, what's up at work today? Did you discovered anything unusual?" I asked Carolina since it was her first day at work as well. I guess we were meant to live the same life.
She smiled and replied, "there was nothing special., It was as expected." 
"Really?! And what about your boss?" I questioned further.
"Oh! Don't even mention that. He was too bossy(if that is allowed)," Carolina replied.
I laughed and also shared my experience at work that day with her. She teased me by calling me "Boss Madam" and we both laughed as I attempted to hit her. Such a naughty friend. I couldn't trade her love in my heart.

I finally returned home around 8pm that day. We parted early in order to prepare for the next day. I felt so exhausted that I could not even request for dinner, thank goodness I ate something at the hangout. 

The night seemed so short and annoying. It was as if I slept for only thirty minutes. I woke up to the sound of the alarm again but then I was conscious of it at exactly 6am. "Another day, another problem," I said to myself.  I was famished, so  I ordered the house chef to get me some snacks from the refrigerator and also set my breakfast so that I could eat something meaningful before facing the day's stress. As usual, everything was prepared with the speed of light. The maids were really effective and efficient.
After breakfast that morning I left for work and things went as I have ordered. 

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