Episode 4:Tumbler

My first week in Nigeria, after I returned from abroad to take over my father's business, was a stressful, probably because I had to adapt to a lot of things. Though it had some elements of fun as well and that was whenever I hung out with Carolina after work each day.

Fortunately the week went by really fast. The weekend was a divine gift even though Saturday was still a working day in the company.  The company used to operate from Mondays to Saturdays." Oh! God bless Sundays."

I decided not to attend my family's church on my first Sunday in Nigeria. Mum and Dad attended Catholic church which I didn't find interesting. I thought Catholic churches were meant for the elders, so I decided to attend the Redeemed Christian Church of God(RCCG) which was about a kilometer away from "THE TUMBLERS VILLA," where I reside. I was accustomed to the white men lifestyle of not waking up early to run to churc because we  have different hours for mass.

I thought of attending the early service (though I wasn't sure of something of sort existed) so that I would have more time to rest and prepare for the new week. I left home at exactly 9am. I have already located the very church I wanted to attend that morning, so I just drove to the auditorium.

The building suited my standard. The workers were well organized as the security men led me approximately to the spot where I would park my car and when I alighted from the car, what I heard swept me off my feet. "Welcome to the sanctuary sister, may God bless you (Amen)."  I felt really honoured and blessed and I smiled as I walked to the auditorium.

When I got to the entrance, I met a good looking man with a breath taking smile. He welcomed me with the same statement and ushered me into the auditorium and also to my seat. I couldn't overcome the temptation of looking at him over again. I watched him as he walked back to the spot he stood earlier. "Gosh! What a perfect step for a gentleman," I thought to myself. Such a nice church with nice members. All through the service, I couldn't help but stare at the good looking man, I didn't know what came over me. I felt strange but happy.

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