Episode 5: tumbler

Romantic feelings are visitors that visit their victims without a visiting notice. I never thought I could fall a victim. Maybe the marriage pressure by the elders in my family gave room for that.

I was more excited when the pastor announced that the newcomers should wait behind after service to see the pastor through the ushers. I thought I might have at least little time to spend with the youngman. I so much wanted to see his smile again. He even got open teeth and dimples.

"Snap out of it Maurice!" I said to myself as I tried to caution the weird thought. I played more attention to the service. I was blessed through the chior ministration and the pastor that preached also spoke with anointing. Indeed, I chose according to the lead of the spirit.  After the service, we (newcomers) were attended to by the ushers and luckily for me Mr. Handsome was not with them. I dropped my home address as well as my contact as requested by those that attended to us.  I returned home with a lot of blessings.

Mother was already home before me. I said hello to her in her room before I went to mine. We talked for a while, which  was majorly on business and marriage. I told the chef to get me something appetizing. I told my personal maid (Clara) to make sure no one (apart from Carolina) disturbs me that afternoon. I went to bed after I had quenched my hunger and took a long nap.

I was woken by Carolina's voice in my room. "Oh! No, Caro do not tell me that you are really here," I moaned under my pillow.
"Rise from bed lazy May," she said as she jumped on me.
I threw her the pillow as she removed the blanket from my body. "I need to sell you out to one poor soul for me to have peace, you know that right?" I said jokingly.
She finally woke me up and I sat straight on bed pretending to be frowning. I couldn't pretend that long when we both burst into laughter.
"You are a dweeb, you know that right? So quit pretending," she said amidst laughter.
"Come on get out, aren't we the same?" I replied as she dragged me out of the room and into the garden. There we talked about service that day and how I felt when I saw Mr. Handsome. Carolina teased me at first but warned me to be more careful. She said there exists wolfs under sheep clothing. I didn't understand the statement or probably I refused to understand. I was so much into Mr. Handsome.


WRITTEN BY: Yinusa Azeez Olasunkanmi

Mail: peterazeez2014@gmail.com

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