Episode 6:tumbler

The week's activities were so tedious that I forgot the thought of Mr. Handsome. I was so determined to increasing the revenue and profit of the company by using every means possible to reduce the cost of production. Carolina and I also met as usual every evening. Things went as usual.

The following Sunday, mother was having thanksgiving at her church so I decided to follow her. During the service I had put my phone on silent so I missed the several calls I should have answered. It was a single number though, single unknown number.  I didn't check my phone until I got home that day. It was when I wanted to call Carolina that I remembered that the phone had been on silent. So, I did the needful. I also saw the missed calls but I ignored that and call Carolina first.

After the conversation with Carolina I then dialed the number that had called earlier.
"Hello!  This is Lady Maurice, this number called me earlier," I said. The voice that replied sounded familiar but I couldn't pin it to a particular person. I tried to remember but I totally forgot.
"Good day Sister Maurice, I am Vincent Joshua from the RCCG Assembly Parish. We didn't see you in church today, so we wanted to check on you," replied the respondent.
"Could this be Mr. Handsome?" I asked myself. "Thank you brother for checking on me. I was busy today so I couldn't make it to church. I promise to attend the weekly service this week and also not to miss the next Sunday service," I replied the voice.
"Glory be to God sister, we will be looking forward to that ma'am," the voice said as we ended the call. I didn't save the number because I was not sure if the caller was the mysterious Mr. Handsome I met last Sunday.

The conversation didn't seem to be special since it was normal for churches to call their members that didn't attend a service. I had received a lot of calls like that in the past. I didn't even remember to tell Carolina when she arrived.  Carolina told me about her bosses' weird attitudes towards her.
"I think my boss is hitting on me," Carolina said curiously.

I laughed out loud and replied amidst laughter, "what did you see madam."

"It is not funny Miss. Mau, isn't it weird for a no-nonsence man to start being romantic all of a sudden?" Carolina said.

"Is he married?" I questioned further.

"No, he is not. He is still a bachelor," Maurice replied.

"Wow! You have found your Mr. Right honey. Go for it," I replied jokingly.

"You will never stop being naughty Mau, just get out of here," she said as she pushed me out of my room. I wondered who was naughtier.


WRITTEN BY: Yinusa Azeez Olasunkanmi

Mail: peterazeez2014@gmail.com

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