Episode 7:tumbler

I didn't meet with Carolina on Tuesday. I already told her I would be attending the bible study at church that day. The lesson was scheduled to start by 5pm so immediately after work around 4:30pm I drove to church. I was blessed by the lesson that day. The lesson was being taught by Mr. Handsome. I loved the way he broke every word, phrase and sentences down to the knowledge of everyone. "This man must be greatly filled with the holy spirit," I thought within me.

I walked up to him after the lesson and the following conversation ensued;
"Good evening brother, thanks for today's lesson. May God bless you more," I said.
"You are also blessed my sister, the Lord will keep us till the end," he replied.
I wasn't sure of what to say, so I just bade him goodbye and goodnight instead.
"I am Vincent Joshua, you should have a pleasant night rest as well," he replied with a smile that revealed his cute dimples.
"Oh! You must have been the one who called me on Sunday. I am Maurice Tumbler of the Tumbler's family. Thanks for the call," I said excitingly.
"Glory be to God. You came as promised, I hope you will always worship with us here, we look forward to seeing you on Thursday for Faith Clinic," he said as he shook hands with me.
"I would not dare to miss that," I replied as we bade each other goodnight once again.

I scrolled through my call log when I got home to check if I could still find the number that called on Sunday and luckily it didn't wipe, so I saved it immediately. "Who knows, I must have found my Mr. Right as well" I said to myself, but then, I did not even know if he was married or not. I decided to find that out at the next meeting.

The feeling was sudden and strange. It was burning like fire but also cold as ice. I wasn't sure if it was lust or love but I know it was the first time I would feel that way.


WRITTEN BY: Yinusa Azeez Olasunkanmi

Mail: peterazeez2014@gmail.com

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