Episode 8: tumbler

I could not stop thinking about Joshua even at work.  His thoughts make me smile without anyone cracking a joke. Love is rude, it comes without invitation. Love is like fire, it spreads beyond limit of not controlled. I wish there exists a master who would reveal to me the handiworks of love.  I think love is cruel as well.

On Wednesday, during lunch at work, I craved so much to hearing Joshua's voice that I even wanted to call him. I was almost calling him when Carolina's  call came in.
"Hello babe, how are you doing today?" Carolina said.
I smiled and replied, "I'm sure doing fine,  what's up?"
"Guess what?" Carolina said excitingly.
"Come on babe, you know I'm bad at that...  It's a goodnews right?" I replied curiously.
"Rightly said, no news can be as good as this...  My boss (Mr. Peters) just ask me out." she said.
"That's lovely babe...  I see love in the air. So have you given him an answer yet?" I teased her.
"No, it's not done that way...  I told him he should give me some time to think about it...  You know, I need to be sure before entering into it," she said.
"You are right, but for me I would not wait another second to say yes if Mr. Handsome ask me out...  Goodluck darling, I'm happy for you," I replied.
"I wish you luck as well sweetheart... And be careful with Mr. Handsome, not all whites are pure... Love you honey, " she said.
"love you to!!!" I replied as we ended the call.

What Carolina said about whiteness and Purity caught my attention and I tend to ruminate on that for a while. It also killed the urge I had to hear Joshua's voice.  I was glad to make such decision, at least, no matter how mad the love may be,  a woman needs her pride. The game of love only requires the wise, skillful and patience soul.

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