Episode 9: tumbler

After work on Thursday, I went to church for faith clinic. I did not see Joshua Joh and I was not bothered much, unlike before and when the pastor that read the announcement told the church that some of the workers had gone for evangelism that evening, I knew immediately that Joshua would not be among them. The program was powerful and I was blessed bountifully. I think God must have favoured this church with anointed brethrens.  We were told that there would be a youth meeting after the service on Sunday for a program that would be coming up the following month which is meant for spinsters and bachelors. After the service, we shared the grace and bade one another goodbye.

I didn't think much about the upcoming program because I've been attending much of it lately. On my way home that night I started having some strange feelings in my body. It started from continuous cough, then to high temperature. I managed to drive home and told my maid to call my doctor immediately I entered my room. When the doctor arrived, he diagnosed me and told me it was malaria symptoms. He prescribed some antimalaria drugs which I sent my maid to get immediately.

I managed to go to work on Friday but I couldn't take a step on Saturday. Carolina was always by my side every evening after work and mother never stopped checking on me. Those two were my world. I could not go to church on Sunday which was as the result of the illness. Though,  I was getting better.

I wasn't expecting any call that day, not even from Johnson. But, around 2pm my phone rang and fortunately it was him.
"Hello sister Maurice," Joshua said.
"Hi, brother Joshua,  happy Sunday, " I replied.
"Wishing you same sister, hope you are fine because you voice is telling something otherwise,  and we did not see you in church today as well, " he said curiously.
"I had a minute illness but I'm getting better now, thanks for your concern," I replied.
"Do you mind if we pay you a visit today because we are close to your villa...  We came to visit one of our members who just put to  bed, " he said.
"Oh! Yes, you can... I am looking forward to that, " I replied.
"Be expecting us any moment from now then...  The Lord will heal your illness sister, " he said.
"Amen" I replied as we ended the call.

A flowing river can not be stopped from flowing forever.  It would surely make way for itself at the right time. I could feel the rush of feelings breaking through the wall I built around my tender heart.  I couldn't help it though.

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