Eric Many Boss Threatens to deal with Runtown(See chats)

Revealed Chat between Okudili and PR Executive
The quarell between Runtown and his label, Eric Many Records is getting severe. Presently, there is no peace between the two conflicting parties.
In a new development, the Eric Many Records boss Okudili has threatened to deal with Runtown. The new episode in the ongoing quarell was revealed in a leaked chat between the label boss and a certain PR executive.
The leaked chat showed a conversation between Okudili and the PR guru where the record label boss promised to deal with Runtown. According to the chat there is a certain video that would be perhaps used to blackmail Runtown.
However, there is already a legal suit taken against Douglas Agu aka Runtown. This story is still coming up, more details would be brought to your notice as things unfolds or leak.

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