CELEBRITY MATCH #The Thank You Concert

         The Lee thank you concert is fast approaching and the plan towards making it a shutdown is coming as expected.. 
         The project is one which is aimed at bringing the brand (Lee Empire) closer to her audience and as the brands means of appreciating the institution that made her.
          Meanwhile the project is subdivided into multiple gigs in order to make everyone participate....  A major part of it is the CELEBRITY MATCH which comes up earlier before the concert.
          The Celebrity Match is a football league that features influential people on campus, ( people that run one or two business organizations or people that have a certain level of popularity among their peers).

     Meanwhile, in order to make It as standard as possible we have decided that all campus Novelties are to pay a commitment fee of #1,000 (one thousand Naira) on or before the deadline which is  Thursday 15th, March 2018... 

      The #1,000 commitment fee covers alot of materials for the novelties which includes Medals for the winning team,  refreshment during and after the match, Entertainment during the match, Video coverage of the match(es) Etc....

       kindly make your payment to any of the Lee Empire team members...   God bless you as you do!!!!   

Get  your tickets via the link below :-

The Lee Thank you concert tickets now available ... 🎤❤

#We shall meet at the top

Lee Empire Management

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