Messi didn't force my Barcelona exit

Barcelona Legend and Brazilian international Ronaldinho has tried to debunk the thoughts that he had a bad influence on Lionel Messi and subsequently had to leave the Nou Camp.

Having joined Barcelona at the very young days of Lionel Messi, he left the club in 2008 after making 145 appearances and lifting five trophies , including the Champions League. After playing a good game in Spain as he was known with smiles while on pitch, he further revealed that Frank Rijkaard played a role in his decision to leave making it clear that AC Milan was the real reason for his departure and not the thoughts of people that he tried to misguide Messi.
In an interview with
FourFourTwo, Ronaldinho said , “ It was easy – it was time to go .
“ I wanted to follow in the footsteps of ( Frank) Rijkaard , who was my coach and said great things about Milan.
“ I had other options, but I wanted to play for Milan. As for that stuff about Messi , it’ s not true; you shouldn ’ t always believe what you read .
“ I always tried to be a good influence on him and actually try to do for him what Ronaldo did for me.
“ I felt embraced by Ronaldo and I wanted Leo to have the same. Messi was always very shy , but always a fantastic player.
“ We lived on the same street , so I had a great relationship with him and his family.

“ Even then I knew he was a better player than me . ”

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