Must read: I call this Girls Code

So, I noticed from a recent post I made about how my "No" to a guy's "asking out" ia truly a "no" and I realised that in a lot of situations, some girls "no" don't really mean a "no". Well, that is a big and true fact, different girls have different behaviours, and I just wanna give a single trick to guys about how to decipher a true "No", in case you're confused.

I wanted to go into a lot of "why" details, but then, I don't know how to explain some things via writing. Not minding the fact that some ladies are professional fuckgirls and heartbreakers, and some are just very immature and childish, you also need to up your game. Upping your game doesn't mean, "sweeter words" and "bigger credit alerts", it means more mental alertness.

You are attracted to a girl, that's a good thing. The next thing is to be friends with her, WITHOUT letting your attraction mingle in the friendship process, simply put, don't let emotions cloud your own sense of reasoning. Be friends with her, just plain friends, it's not easy to do, but for your own safety, don't shower all the emotions while you're still friends.

Why all the friendship skit? It's so you KNOW who you're actually getting attracted to. Trust me, if a lot of guys actually got really close with the proposed girls, using sense of reasoning in the process, they won't bother asking her out at all. You don't know her by asking "what do you want from a guy" questions, it all takes observations. Her conversations, her past experiences, her Facebook comments, the kinds of jokes she laughs at, the kinds of advise she gives, etc., will give you a better insight into her character.

Knowing her well, makes the "asking out" process a little easier. I'm not a relationship expert, I've had three broken relationships myself, and two heartbreaksπŸ˜‚, however, these particular things have never been the issue. When you know a lady, you know whether to proceed with the asking out or not, and I believe when a lady knows you too, the "answering" process becomes easier. I've had to give answers like, "I like you a lot, if we give it a chance, this could work. However, you know how I cannot deal with ***". Now, the challenge is dealing with that issue, if we find a way around it, we're goal, but if not, we're not. Anyway, today's conversation is not based on that.

Now, guys, this lady said "no", or has been saying "no", and you wanna be sure that it's a "yes", lemme betray the sis code here. Start with this line,
"Oyinlola, we need to talk. I have to say something important, but I'm busy now. We'll discuss it later." You noticed "Oyinlola", not "Oyin or Miloh", it's intentional. Use her name, her full name, even if it is Oluwa-nse-temi-lowolowo. Using her full name gives her an idea of how important what you wanna say is, and not telling her immediately introduces suspense.

That suspense in this case, trust me, is good. If she likes you, she'll be thinking about different things like "Does he have a new girlfriend?", etc..., and if she likes you, she'll start regretting not saying yes, without you talking yet. Most likely, she'd be like, "say it now joor", but that is not a marker of likeness. Girls naturally don't like suspense. Me, I don't. That's why I watch the last episode of a seasonal movie first, before starting from the beginning.

Now, that is just an appetiser to create anxiety. When the time for you to talk comes, make it very professional and serious...

"Oyinlola, you know how I feel about you already, I've told you about this a lot of times. However, I feel it's unfair asking you this continually without minding your feelings...blah blah blah. So Oyinlola, I wanna ask you for the last time. I'm sorry if this means I'm repeating gone issues, but I just need to be sure. I promise I won't ask again. Is there any way that we can make this work?" Or ask in whatever way you wanna ask...

My dear, if she doesn't like you, she'll just be like she's sorry and she's told you before and all... However, if she likes you and she's just playing hard to get by saying "no", her head starts calculating because of your "last time" stunt. Ego might not make her say "yes", but if you start hearing phrases like "it's not like we can't work, but...", "I actually am confused myself because", "I don't really know what to say...", "why did you say you won't ask again?", "if you stop asking, what will we be...", my dear, girl's interested in you.

Now, a professional player might use all these lines on you, that's where your reason comes to place. At least, you've deciphered that she wants "this" to go on, however, you need to monitor her "later" actions to decipher the rest.

This works like magic, if she likes you. But if it turns out she doesn't, I won't be responsible for the heartbreak that comes after. And if it happens that the lady you're psyching is also on my wall, inbox me, lemme block her from seeing this. What are friends for?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

All in all, men, stay woke,(first time I'd be using the word "woke") no one deserves to be played with. Ladies too, lerrus be direct. If you wanna do, do, if you don't wanna do, don't do, which one is doing "do don't" upandan... You embarass me.

Good night guys, thank me inside my account😏😏.

PS. Please, don't overdo this anyway, like the lady in that my picture, somebody's crush.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

By :- Akindele Oyinlola Dorcas (MilohwithanH)

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