Episode 2: Tumbler

The single red rose growing on a dump attracts more attention than the one growing among its species. I think it's high time I introduced myself.

My name is MAURICE TUMBLER. I am a well trained business administrator. I had my first degree at the University of IFE in 1989 after which I was sent abroad by my dad, Chief TUMBLER, for my Masters and PH. D. I am an introvert, so I do not make friends easily. I only have on friend and her name is Carolina. I returned home after my PH.D to take over my Dad's business.

I was the only child of my parents which made them pay more attention to making me become what I wanted to be, which was also in line with their dreams for me.
Chief TUMBLER died when I was 17years old. He was a well renowned businessman. His companies makes the highest profit annually. He focused more on the agricultural sector of the country, since that was the backbone of every country. I love my dad so much and I blamed death for taking him away from me untimely. He died at the age of 74.

My mother, Mrs. TUMBLER,  was a woman with zero tolerance to laziness, poverty and lackadaisical attitudes. She was popularly known as "BUZINESS." She got that nickname from her usual quote, "an idle hand is the devil's workshop. Get busy all the time."  She could be mean on the outside but on the inside she was as soft as silk, as clean as an early morning water, as passionate as passion itself. She was not wicked but disciplined. She was also a renowned business woman. She was into the clothing and textile, since clothing is one of the basic needs of man. She is now 64years old and she is still  hale and hearty.

So funny, TUMBLER'S family is synonymous to business.

Mother couldn't oversee Father's business since her's was booming as well. She therefore employed a Director Manager to be incharge till I was ready to take over. That explained how I became the boss on the first day at work.
We had no extended family issue because my late Dad was generous to them all. Each working class member of the family was well established through my Dad's connection.

You wouldn't believe how many pages I'd have to write if I'm to talk about my relationship life before I met Joshua (the trickster). Sincerely, I'd have zero pages. I was so engrossed into achieving my dreams both academically and career wise. I had no time to fall in love like other ladies of my age did. It's not as if there were no proposals, I just refused to pay attention to them. Even Carolina, my dear friend, couldn't talk me into it because we were the same.
I think I'm done with the introduction. I had a simple life where I lacked nothing material. All thanks to God and my parents.

Every staff members assembled in the conference room as summoned by the top managers of every sector in the company. I joined them shortly after and introduced myself to them and also gave  them freehand to treat me as a fellow colleague and not a goddess. I shook hands with them as they all returned to their duty post. They felt relaxed and happy. I later learnt that the Director in charge had established the norm.

WRITTEN BY: Yinusa Azeez Olasunkanmi
Mail: peterazeez2014@gmail.com

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