Grey Night: Soul Fight by Paul Black

"Breathe, Breathe, Paul Breathe", he told me
I had been out for two hours after the melee
I clearly lost; I didn't win the first round
I began to get serious after the last round
I had blood all over my illegitimate shirt
As thick as the tortoise back, it doesn't challenge the tiger to a bet
The moon was out for most lovers
That was the moon I chose to wrestle my suffers
In the cricket invaded night,
Under no blankets and nature's dim light,
With indistinct sound of pleasure came my bleeding fight
" breathe, breathe, Paul Breathe", he said to me
Fate and Faith Faked a Fainting posture
I was gullible and ate my last punch with measure
This was a fight between I and decisions
I hate to think I love to be a loser
But I despise that I accept I am a loser
So after this lost battle, I know the moves of my enemy
I won't loose tomorrow when I remember loosing isn't the enemy
Its accepting I have lost and cannot win again,
ever again,
and should quit
That is my true enemy I must defeat