Presidential aspirant, Fela Durotoye drops 10 point infography agenda.

 I’ve been privileged to sit with an incredible team of stakeholders and I’m honored to present our #RoadmapToTheNewNigeria .

I understand that a 12  page policy document or 40 minute speech would not cover all we wish to do in 4 years

But The best thing about not having what some may term as experience is a willingness to learn .

So I need your help

As you constructively critique this plan as I know you will, please contribute also .
Some people will tear down this plan for political reasons

But if you wish to build a new nation, help us build this plan even as your contribution to build a New Nigeria
Send your contributions to .
We intend taking our blueprint across nigeria and the diaspora and have the opportunity to sit with experts in fields not stated here like sports, entertainment, fashion and beauty to mention a few. .
This is not the end of the journey but the beginning.
Together, we will build a Nigeria that is the most desirable nation to live in. .

A nation where things work and people can prosper and enjoy good success as we together, enjoy peace, economic growth and stability through the collaboration and partnership of the public, private and civil society .

Get ready world.
The giant has woken up.
And we’re about to rise again. .

God bless you and may God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria 🇳
Click on the link below to view 2019 presidential aspirant, Fela Durotoye 10 point infography agenda 
Fela Durotoye - New Nigeria 10 point agenda

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