Restructuring has been a long time demand by many Nigerians, it is not a recent demand, but under Buhari's administration, it has becomes more and very demotic. Nigeria see it as the only panacea to its problems, which invariably will lead to a land mark development. To show the authenticity and otherwise of this demands, many people have written in favor, while some have written against. The likes of Dogara, Atiku, Osibanjo and many others have empirically proven that, restructuring will be the best for a quick development, while someone like Utomi has also proven that, there is no link between restructuring and development. Many people might be wondering, what is restructuring, like I also thought about  before coming to the full knowledge of it meaning, and I have critically look at it costs and benefits on our precious Nation. Restructuring means that, we should go towards regional government. Restructuring is a system of governement, once praticed as a nation, unlike what we are practicing now. Although, it is not from regional to presidential, but we have also practiced many others. The restructuring Nigerians are calling for, is a decentralized government, a the regional system of government, in which, each region has sovereignty over it resources and many more, rather than a central government, where the central gives allocation to its branches. To answer the question as regards what restructuring mean. Restructuring is a system of government in which sovereignty over resources and many other things within the confine of that region is vested on the region. Pat Utomi said, if the present system of government could be more costly, and very enigma to manage, it will be much more enigma for regional government. He further stated that, federal government finds it difficult to manage our resources efficiently, despite all mechanisms put in place for maximization, so thinking that, restructuring will enhanced maximization, it is far from the truth. It has been proven that, there is no link between more resources and development, it is only those states that makes people as part of their governments will developed. All these are just be the way.

The real Nigeria that we are hoping for, will not come if we do not go by the way of restructuring. Though, we are called the giant of Africa, but this statement is just a dream. Efficiency and maxima exploration of our resources will just be a talking drum if we refused to go back to regional system of government, and failure to embrace it, will continue to impedes on our development. God didn't create any state or country without what the state or country will feed on, it is very evident in the Bible before God created man, God had created what man will eat, feed on, and after all, on the sixth day man was created. This shows that, different state, regions are peculiar in itself. There is no cause for alarm, no sufferness on anybody's part or region, if restructuring should take place, the only response, if restructuring should take place, is land mark development.

Nigeria had long depends on crude oil as the only major source of income, which is very perilous, whereas, there are many other resources which are more substantial and valuable than crude oil. We have many countries who don't produce crude oil, but more civilized and developed than us, we have forsaken other resources like coal mining, limestone mining, and even agriculture. Restructuring will give room for effective exploration of our resources, some states are too lazy, because they believe that, why exploration, since federal government will give them allocations, the truth is, when we don't teach people how to catch fish, but just giving them fish, it is very perilous, such people will not grow. The state who rely on federal government allocation, rather than generating their allocation all by themselves, development will be far from them, we know them. Lagos State at a particular time was not given allocation to fund its government, under Obasonjo's regime, like a year or more, the state funded its government through what he generated within the state, they were not stranded, there is no such thing as salary problem, that's what am saying, that's what restructuring will produced, independent funding rather than dependent funding. We can evidently see what independent funding can produce in Lagos State, and what dependent funding can result to in other states. If will give room for restructuring, states will learn how to explore, maximize their God given resources.

Restructuring will out an end to heartless killings, It should be noted that..... Politicians are using it as tools....rather that coming together to condemn these acts

Restructuring will halt embezzlement to an extent. You will see a particular governor, spending money unnecessarily, building statuses of people who don't exist within such region, proper monitoring of income will take effect.

Restructuring will stir up competitiveness among regions.  This is very evident among country in the world. When a particular country built or with a new war weapons, you will see another one building it own, America, Russia, China, North Korea and the likes. So, competitiveness, will stirred up among regions, they want to have the best universities, Hospitals, Industries and the likes. Lagos has started using CCTV cameras, other state want to start the same thing. If other states  start coming with this mentality, there will be rapid development.

Restructuring will put an end to heartless killing within the country. It must be noted that, killing in Nigeria has a political involvement, politicians are using it as a tool to strengthen their own manifestos, strengthen their parties, rather than coming together to condemn such act. I could recall that, during Yar Adua tenure,  it was Niger Delta militants, when Jonathan came in,  Boko Haram came up, now under Buhari, It is Boko Haram, Herdsmen, Militants. The point here is that, some people are sponsoring them, using them to disrupt or frustrate any ruling government. But restructuring will put an end to it,  to a maximum extent. The focus of most regions will be to develop, grow, and so on, though, enemies might come from other regions so as to disrupt the ongoing development in a particular region, but, because such region or regions are one, such attempt can be easily track or thwart.

Restructuring is the answer to the Biafra agitators. We must know this, the reason for their agitation is nothing but want to have control over what have, that is, their resources, their beliefs is that, they are being cheated, exploited and also northerners are feeding on their resources, whether true or not, that remain with, but will be a great move to halt agitation and a call to create a Biafra state, such will come to an end.

Restructuring will lead to a quick response to crime. In this end, each state will have their own police, with satalite in different local government, to an extent, we can see the effect of vigilantes in our different local government, if we have state police, designed in the vigilante manner, both the state police and the vigilantes working together will bring maximum security to state and the entire region.

Restructuring will minimize the money being paid or collected by political leaders : it is no longer a rumour that, a Senator collects 36 million per month,  while a member of repeating collects 25 million per month, let's assume that, we divide a senator money into two which will be 18 million, and with 18 million, Nigeria is paying every citizen 100,000, it means, a senator will cater for 180 citizens, this means that, besides the minimization, it will reduce unemployment in the nation. Our political leaders are collecting money because they didn't work for how the money is being generated, money that is supposed to be use to cater for thousands of Nigerians, one person is collecting it, this exuberant payment is not far from the agitation in Niger-Delta, this money is supposed to be use to develop their areas and also create jobs for that region. By restructuring, the generated money within that region will determine the salary structure of any institution.

 Restructuring has favoured Nigeria before it seems not to be correct. Cos we have not done it, we are just proposing it

In conclusion, it is evident that restructuring which will make all region stands on its own and brings about regional government will favour the nation as the regional government has favoured us before because we knew what the likes of Obafemi Awolowo , Nnamdi Azikwe, Tafawa Balewa among others used their regional generated money for,  what they achieved then speaks till date and will forever. Indeed, there exists nexus between restructuring and development; restructuring is the only panacea to Nigeria's present problems.

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  1. The ideas are good, but the understanding of government terms and it's workings is unfortunately shallow.
    For instance, restructuring is never a system of government; neither is restructuring a revert to regional system of government only; it could be other forms of reform, like devolution of powers to the states from the federal government.
    To be passionate about writing is good; I encourage you, sir, but you must be a good student (through reading) to make a good writer. Proper research before writing could save one lots of embarrassing blunders.