I will start by narrating my conversation with a brother sometime ago. The brother asked me, Francis do you think power makes people corrupt, I kept silent, meditating on the question, after a while, I said yes, the brother laughed, he then explained to me that, power doesn't make people corrupt, rather power brings out the corruption in people. He then referred me to a particular verse in the Bible, which (when paraphrased)  says, man by nature are children of wrath, he also connected me to another verse, which says, if any man be in Christ he is a new creature. That was the only way to opt out of the wrath nature according to the brother who was speaking from the Bible perspective. I want to remove doubts from our mind  that, I am not concerned about the Bible verses stated above.  Rather i will conceptualize it on Nigeria's dilemma, which gave birth to the above topic. Before I proceed, I must say, i have not come with an ending solution to corruption, but a means to an end to corruption, and our failure to establish this means, the more problematic the nation becomes. Barack Obama said this same words (in 2009), when he was addressing the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the world, which he said, could stir up war between nations, and most likely escalate beyond, he said, the world needs an institution that will deter proliferation of nuclear weapons. I keep on wondering, how corruption has soaked into our entire system, and it seems we have no solution to it, institutions have been established such as ICPC, EFCC and so on, but I realized that, they are being used by ruling party to fight opposition parties, digressing them from their manifest functions.

In the light of what Obama said in 2009, Nigeria must establish an independent yet living institution which carries tough sanctions against corruption and it perpetrators. An institution that looks not at the background, religion, ethnicity etc of anybody, but it is concerned with the corrupt action or act an individual has committed. I did a brief study of corruption acts amongst some nations, both Western and African  after which , I discovered  that, corruption is prevalent in the African egion, than Western region , and I proceeded to know why, I also realized that, they have an effective institution which frowns at corruption, it doesn't mean, there are no cases of corruption  in the Western region, No  there are, but they have an effective institution which deter corruption escalation. On he other side, that is, the African region, especially in Nigeria, we don't  give attention to it, we have forgotten the kind of human being that we are, that is, corrupt in nature, we have the tendency of  perpetuating all forms of evil.

I have been seeing campaign all over the country, agitation for youth to take over, that is, we don't want old people anymore, but I must say, our problem is not about youths taking over, the fact remains that, even if we have young people in power, and we still don't have an effective institution which frowns at corruption, these young individuals will perpetuate the same act like that of the old people. So the problem is not about young or old people being in power, but about the mindset of those there.. Looking at America and some Asian countries for example, why is it  that, when a president or any officer leaves office,  there is hardly any allegation of corruption against such people? The reason is not far from the fact that, the entire society frowns at the act, there is an institution that monitors the spending of any officer and there are thorough sanctions. In China,  it is death penalty, and so on. All these are done not because, they are wicked, but they understand the human being who is a natural creature, having a high tendency of perpetuating evil, hence  the punishment attached to corruption is not light rather very though so as to deter others from carrying out such acts. I must say, PDP is not bad, likewise APC and the so called YTO, the truth is, we must establish an independent institution. In our constitution, the part that addresses corruption is to flexible, we must re-visit our constitution and amend it, if not, corruption can't but continue to happen.

In summary, since corruption is impeded on human nature, our leaders should not be blamed, nor human nature itself (this does not serve as a justification for corruption). This writer frowns at corruption with all sincerity, and  what I am saying in essence is that, the entire society should be blamed for it lack of consciousness and it's failure to establish an effective institution that deters corruption.

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