I will start with the word of a Professor from University of Lagos, *' Prof. Akin Oyebode, which says oath-taking by public office holders on the strength of religious scriptures has not checkmated abuse of public trust in Nigeria. He said that leadership failure in Nigeria was due to inability of public office holders to live true to the contents of their oaths of office.'*. The above statement by that Prof might sounds antithetical to Christianity and Islam, but it is the truth. It is not that, Christianity or lslam  teach to be corrupt or do evil, but people have hidden under these umbrella to commit evil. Let's quickly flash back to those days when Christianity and Islam have not held sway or dominate our entire system in which now hid to commit evil, there is hardly any report of corruption in our society, and this is because people are scared that, if I do this, there is immediate consequence for doing that, this era was dominated by traditional laws,  the gods are powerful in operation, the gods doesn't know anybody, even the god's care taker don't go beyond his boundaries, this shows that, the gods are not friendly.

When civilization came, power was taken away from our Obas, traditions began to decline, Christianity and Islam emerged,  which has been the wings in  which different corruption is flying today in Nigeria. Bible and Quran is now use for oath taking for political leaders or public office holders, which I must say, has given way for many atrocities committed in Nigeria. 

culture is defined as the way of life of a society, not the way of life of other society through diffusion or culture contact, our culture should have been our oath, not  the diffusion one, when God created every society, he created what will make it good with it,  so, using Bible or Quran for public offices holders, would only make things get worse rather than be good. Many people who go into politics today, go there for their selfish interest, but pretend as if they really want to serve the people, but if the sway is traditional oath, the number of people going into politics will be reduced, only the service minded people will go there, and today our society will be a great one. Before now, laws and orders were maintain in Nigeria traditionally, nothing like constitution, nothing like Bible and Quran, sincerely the society was good, my opinion is that, if we can go back to how we started, our society will return back to normal. 

Though we can say even traditional oath taking can be manipulated but we can always make sure people do not manipulate it....


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