Check out this poem ; 21st century as written by Sopureh

Season beget season
Season becomes history
Are we in the 21st century?
What a century we are!
Globalization we erect thy feet upon
Civilization glows…
Glows as minute eruption excavate
Cultural way of ours emaciate
It looks…
Social forces, a two sided mirror
Criticism mixed with praise, the 21st century we view
Our horses yoke, we liberate
Phones in the hand
Bondage of the massages…
ICT sway fate with emissary
Town crier was asked to retire
Our natural flow stream became stilled
Ocean wave paddle the pools
Designers got the whole attention needed
Aso Oke attire lost it
Lost it valuable valued treasure

Faded aroma we perceived the spicy local dishes
White man food engulfs the kitchens
Social network Medias appears in dawnz
Coma call at our late night story door
Pearls shiny glows jewel
Laid abode for our cherished beads
Blazing side no effect dye of ours, we delete
We delete
When those dangerous cosmetics pleases the retina
Fresh in our memory
History held it down
Of our culture
What an era of tech!
Stages of innovation
Cool and calm
Our hands fold
To watch the output of our 21st century


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