Social Media: A built reality by Olabode Tokunbo

   Notwithstanding the fact that, on the average, social media is good  for our use, the effect of its bad parts overshadows the good. 

    What you see on social media should not make you think that you're living life at a slow pace, don't let it make you doubt your path in life, don't let the pictures of restaurants, shawarma or pizza that someone chose to publicise by uploading it on social media make you think they are better. In fact, such posts may be after a deep regret, a sorrowful discussion or tears, but they decide to upload that particular aspect of their life for you to see, which doesn't make them better in any way.

   Social media is different, and has distinct features from the normal world. I'm not saying that one shouldn't believe or make posts about what one sees online, but one can be skeptical because it may be that someone wrote that 'script' in his or her head offline and brought it to stage which is social media to be acted for the audience who are his or her followers... 

   The damage social media has done to many is beyond measure. The high rate of depression today is a major evidence of the dangers of social media. Quite true that depression has been in existence before now but today we have an astronomical increase in the number of depression patients due to the premeditated, structured facade called social media. One consumes it, fails in efforts to attain that life, hence, they plunge into depression. Please I'm writing this for you to 'jara ę'. Truly, the essence of social media has been abused, and it's shocking that it's not in only this part of the world but all over the world, which makes me conclude that the devil owns the internet. However, the reader is free to either believe this or not believe.

   People have died because of the pressure to meet up to social media lifestyle, relationships gone sour, broken homes, shambled lives, many rendered unemployed, all because of the drive to live the social media life. Now the question is, do such people deserve to be blamed that they fall on the negative side of this invention or the invention overpowered them? 

   I think the worst set of people on and in this invention are those who desire to seek approval from people who are oblivious about their journey, who they've never met with or don't care if they exist, to seek approval by likes and comments.

   We should understand that everyone is a walking problem, take it or leave it. Don't say because someone chats you softly and warmly, they are a good person, and don't judge a based on social media appearance, because someone is rude. Everyone is seeking attention and people will go to great lengths to get this. There are debtors posing with big cars as well wife beaters posing to be angels and all down to earth, full time house wife posing as though "if my husband can't wash his boxers or cook by himself let him wear it like that or go hungry,". - the feminist. Don't fall in love for pictures you see on social media because body odor, mouth odor and bad character don't show online but then you're still very much allowed to. Don't throw in everything, - hook, line and sinker for what you see, 'everybody dey manage things for their corner'. What we call packaging means that people won't show what will not make their market sell hence the filter, retrica and suck belle level. 

   This message is to the new and old wanna-bes on internet. This is not necessarily important to you, it depends on how you intend to lead your life, but give yourself to proper thinking, and work things differently this year. I've been on this app for over 10 years, I know enough to say that people only allow you see what they want you to see on these online platforms (Facebook, twitter Instagram and WhatsApp).

   People might have over 10,000 pictures on IG, hmm that's not enough for you to know them. You might have zero clue about their real life. The fact that people share and post a lot on social media doesn't mean they share everything, they only share what they want you to see which I term made or built up social reality at its best.

   Finally, choose and own your happiness, learn from those you want to learn from, follow or stalk that person you want to be like, stalk that mentor of yours and not your girlfriend, boyfriend or your ex, to know how they are doing before it's too late. Time is ticking but if you live your life in Instagramwood, Twitterwood or WhatsAppwood, you'll have no one to blame but yourself. 

Thank you 


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